Sunday, March 6, 2011

Did?ja?know that...

Europe has no deserts.
Alexander the Great conquered India with the help of elephants.
Sticky tape was invented in 1937.
Peanuts were first grown in Africa. They were called groundnuts.
The Andes Mountains if South America are growing HIGHER.

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  1. 1st one: got lah alvin.=.= i think either is the gobi or sahara depending of ur definition of "europe"
    2nd one: NO. it was the indians who used war elephants against alexander the great. and alexander the great did not conquer india =.=. alexander the great after the battle of hydapses had to retreat because of low morale.
    3.true but not funny=.=
    5.AHH this part. the andes are not GROWING, the land is colliding. and in fact the mountains are getting lower its just that the ground below it is colliding. =.=

    sooooooo many wrongs