Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's not hard to pick out anime characters - most of them have big eyes and spiky or long hair. The word anime come from the word animation and are japanese cartoons. They sometimes called Japanimation.

The first television Anime series in 1963 was called The Mighty Atom, but in America it was called Astroy Boy. American cartoons are generally made for children, but Japanese Anime is entertaining for adults.

Did you know that a cartoon running for just 30 minutes has over 3,500 pages of drawing, and takes three months to make? Some Anime artists have to work very hard, and when there is a deadline to meet they often don't go home. They sleep under their desks when they get too tired and then get back to work again the minute they wake up!

The very first Japanese animated film was made in 1917 and was called Blunt Samurai Sword. It's about a samurai who buys a blunt sword and tries it out by attacking a messenger, who belts him up pretty badly. The film only went for TWO minutes.

Did you know that...
Dragonball Z is the best-selling anime series anime series in the United States
Japanese people clap before they pray
In Japan more than forty new anime appear on television per week
The only reason the heroines of Cat's Eye wear bodysuits is because the author thought it was easier to draw
In Japan more paper is used for printing manga than for making toilet paper
Black cats are considered good luck in Japan

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